An open letter to Elie Wiesel, from Omar Ramahi

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You claim to belong to the Judaic tradition of 3500 years old. The facts show that you have no connection not only to the Judaic tradition but to humanity in all its good shades.

Your claim that Hamas uses human shields in Gaza is purely sinister.

Not a single free roaming photographer or reporter in Gaza could substantiate your wicked claim.

On the contrary, the practice of using human shields was invented by the very Israeli defense forces during their quashing of the Palestinian intifadas.

Mr. Wiesel, are women and children queueing for food at the UN shelter human shields? Your definition for human shields is not that shared by humanity. Perhaps you implied that being a Palestinian by itself is a human shield; a shield against the grand plan of an apartheid state that nourishes itself by injustice and land theft. Your human shield argument is unshielding your inhumanity and expressing a betrayal of the Judaic tradition and the Torah that you claim to hold most high. Cannot your humanity give you a slight courage to condemn but only one massacre at the numerous UN shelters in Gaza; shelters housing the weak, elderly, women and children already displaced by the ethnic cleansing from the Israeli self-proclaimed 3 km buffer zone in Gaza (effectively depriving Gazans of almost half of their territory)?

Mr. Wiesel, if such savagery did not move you, you have lost your Jewishness and humanity.

Mr. Wiesel, your sinister claim implies that Palestinians don’t value life. For your information, Palestinians not only value life but know its infinite value and cherish it. Only the person who is deprived of something knows its value. Please search the folk songs of Palestinians (if you believe they have or have had culture) and reflect on the strength of family connection and community amongst Palestinians. On your next trip to Israel, please take a 5 minute trip into one of the refugee camps inside the West Bank to learn more about the Palestinians and their communities.

Mr. Wiesel, your evil claim that Palestinians sacrifice their loved ones is a disgrace beyond measure.

Mr. Wiesel: My heart twitches with pain more from the likes of you and all those who are accomplices to this genocide including the monarchs of the Middle East and the tyrant of Egypt who emboldened the only pariah of the World, i.e., Israel, to wage this genocide against the defenseless Palestinians and to seal the borders and confine 1.8 Million Palestinians to an inferno courtesy of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Mr. Wiesel: Please don’t hide behind the nauseating mantra of Israel right to self defense. Leave mantras for those politicians whose moral calculus succumbed to short-lived political gains. Please rest assured that I too believe in Israel’s right to defend itself. Israel has the right to defend itself, but what does defense mean? Does defense implies the following:[i]

Destruction of 10080 houses (1556 fully destroyed; 8,424 partially damaged.
1.Partial destruction of 24 health centers (hospitals and medical clinics).
2.167 schools shelled, bringing the number of affected students to 9100.
3.6 universities destroyed, bringing the number of affected students to 100,000.
4.Overall economic losses stand at US$1590 million.
5.Overall direct economic losses now stand at US$1290 million.
6.Overall indirect economic losses now stand at US$300 million.
7.Destruction of 20 charities.
8.Total number of displaced Palestinians stands at 450,000.
9.The total number of civilians displaced after Israeli warnings to evacuate their homes now stands at 310,000.
10.The total number of civilians displaced due to bombing and destruction of their homes now stands at 165,000.
11.Eight water pumping and sewage stations have been bombed and destroyed in Gaza, affecting 700,000 Palestinians.
12.118 mosques have been shelled (81 partially damaged; 37 fully destroyed).
13.15 money exchange shops were destroyed, in addition to post offices and banks.
14.52 fishing boats were bombed and destroyed.
15.Number of explosive shells fired on Gaza: 60,129.
16.Number of shells fired by Israeli warships: 1,560.
17.Number of shells fired by Israeli warplanes: 6,993.
18.Number of shells fired by Israeli armored tanks: 37,531

Mr. Wiesel, if all of this is in the name of defense, then what would Israel’s offense look like?

Mr. Wiesel, please have the moral rectitude and courage to seek the truth. The truth is no substitute for the evil and immoral propaganda of an occupation army.

Mr. Wiesel, it was Israel that started this war not Hamas and not the other people of Gaza that did not elect Hamas to be their representative. The Abrahamic religions came to uphold truth not myth. If you claim to be part of the Judaic tradition, then seek the truth before you level your wicked and sinister claims. Only if you are interested in the truth, please find out exactly how this war started? Yes, the archives are available. On June 30th, Israel conducted 34 strikes against Gaza with devastating effect and mayhem. Despite being sanitized from the political discourse, those facts can be found in the archives of the BBC news service amongst others[ii]. On July 1, 2014, the NY Times, in what appears to be coordination with Israel, did not mention this “insignificant” story for a reason. Hamas, in retaliation, started shelling targets in Israel. Hamas shelling that followed the savagery of the 34 Israeli strikes was, of course, prominently featured by the NY Times and the constellation of media outlets that receive their directives from Israeli operatives.

Mr. Wiesel, an immoral enterprise cannot be defended and it is not too late to preserve your humanity and distance yourself from it. Muster the courage and take a trip to Gaza to find the truth, not the deceptive sinister claims of the army that kills babies indiscriminately. Take a trip to the occupied West Bank and witness the land theft (i.e., settlements) first hand and the apartheid roads for the exclusive use of Jews. If you are worried about your safety, no problem, google has all the facts, but the courage to see facts emanates from our humanity.

By now, The Palestinians have lost close to 1900 of their loved ones and more than 396 children in addition to the pulverization of the livelihood of hundreds of thousands, but I assure you, they never lost their humanity. If you are too sensitive to see mingled bodies and chopped and charred limbs, please go to to see those plucked from their prime by the incendiary 2000 lb bombs and smart missiles of the Israeli Defense Forces.

Your claim of Palestinians using their children as human shields hints at a sub-human nature of Palestinians. Your implication that a father or a mother would sacrifice their own son or daughter to protect them is indecent and evil; as if Palestinians have moral values different from the rest of the world. Your claim is no less sinister than that of the arch architect of the Gaza genocide, Netanyahu, who claimed “Hamas wants to pile up ‘telegenically dead Palestinians’[iii]. The culture of hate within Israel is championed by Dov Lior[iv] (Israeli rabbi), Yochanan Gordon[v] (Israeli columnist and writer), and Ayelet Shaked[vi] (Israeli lawmaker and Knesset member) amongst others who fuel the dehumanization of the Palestinians in the only shining democracy of the Middle East.

Mr. Wiesel, it is most likely the perception of Palestinians as subhuman that gives an Israeli soldier the thrill to bomb defenseless Palestinian children and have a comfortable sleep at night. Mr. Wiesel, don’t be an accomplice to a culture that has distanced itself from the decency of the Judaic tradition and is intoxicated with the rapture of power and might.

Mr. Wiesel, it is not too late to redeem yourself. Don’t speak in the name of Judaism or in the name of the 3500 years of Jewish tradition. I know quite well good Jews all over the world don’t identify with your disturbing effort to cover up the crimes of Israel in Gaza. Your claims make you a polarizing figure.

Mr. Wiesel, don’t hide behind the 3500 year old Judaic tradition. If you do, you will then be as good as the ISIS terrorists in Syria and Iraq that hide behind the Qur’an and Islam to justify their barbarism. The only difference is the severity of the barbarism that both of you are justifying.

Mr. Wiesel, it is not too late to redeem yourself and distance yourself from the perpetrators of the genocide in Gaza, from baby killers disguised in military fatigues.

Mr. Wiesel, if your stomach can handle it, please see the photo below (intentionally placed on a separate page in case it is too gruesome for your sensitive feelings) and take a firsthand appreciation of the true human shield used by the heroic Palestinians in defense of their loved ones[vii]. The concrete slabs of the building those perished souls took refuge under were not sufficient to shield this child from the devastating consequences of the smart bombs of the Israeli Defense Forces. The only shield the defenseless Palestinians used to protect their children was their naked flesh. The naked flesh was the only human shield used against the Israeli inferno.

Mr. Wiesel, instead of championing the bravery and honor of the Palestinian victims, you choose to dishonor them with your sinister claims.

Indeed, the truth is the first casualty of war. Let us not make it the last one.

Truly yours,

Omar Ramahi

August 5, 2014