Occupied Palestine: Israel, the U.S. and International Law

A series of essays by author and activist Robert Fantina that includes information and commentary on the situation on the ground in Palestine, both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, as well as on U.S. support for Israel’s occupation and war crimes. The attitudes of Israeli government officials are also discussed. These essays were originally published by CounterPunch, Mondoweiss, the Palestine News Network, and several other online journals.

“The world is awakening to Israeli apartheid. As with South Africa, it will not end overnight, but it will end, and Palestine will be free.” —Robert Fantina

“Fantina’s essay collection is powerful, written in a lucid style, meant to prick our conscience. … This collection of essays, above all, is a call to humanity to hear the voice of persecuted people of Palestine …” —Idrisa Pandit, Director, Studies in Islam, Renison University College, University of Waterloo

“There are few issues so muddied (especially here in the U.S.) than the Zionist occupation of Palestine. I highly recommend this book for clarity and truth in an age where both are in such short supply.” —Cindy Sheehan, peace and social justice activist

“As Bob Fantina makes crystal clear, the U.S. government’s view of Israel as justified in any violation of law and worthy of billions of dollars worth of free weapons every year is false, immoral, and criminal. The view … of the Israeli government as a rogue terrorist organization is fact-based and critically important … Whether you’re new to the subject or painfully familiar with it, this book will enrich your understanding and your action.” —David Swanson, activist, journalist, radio host and author of War Is A Lie