‘My Burden is Light’ (LDS)

MBILBryant Harkin is an active, dedicated Latter-Day Saint with a daunting secret. He believes the only person he can share it with is his best friend, his twin brother, Will. Yet when he confides in Will, it is not acceptance and understanding that he receives, but total rejection. Will cannot accept that his twin brother is gay. Bryant feel acutely the loss of his friendship with his twin.

A story of tolerance, acceptance, healing and the great power of prayer, My Burden is Light will uplift and inspire all those who have faced a difficult situation they couldn’t quite understand.


“It is rare now-a-days to read a book that truly touches you deeply; for me, My Burden is Light is one of those books. The basis of the book is a controversial topic that I believe needs to be put out there, no matter how uncomfortable it may be, to help people understand such a complex matter. With the spotlight being on the LDS church with a Mormon man running for president and the blogs popping up online about gay men who are happily married to women, this book could not have been written at a better time.

“I think that the author did a fantastic job writing with such eloquence and emotion. I really connected with Bryant and could not get his story out of my head. While not everyone who reads this book will understand everything that is discussed, especially if they are not LDS, we can all understand the need to feel accepted and loved by the people we care about most.”

Review by Darcie Sherrick
The Indie Bookshelf

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This story really moved me. I think everyone could learn something about compassion and not judging others from this type of story.

Review by Kwestrope.

This is a clean, emotional, inspiring, and bittersweet story of a young man’s struggles
and solutions.
A must read for all and especially, for Christian people.

Review by LAwonder


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